Porcelain Ceramic Tiles a Trending Choice for Home Makeovers

Time to sell and move? Upgrading the home with the right tiles can increase the property value.

“People think that to upgrade their home they need to redo the bathroom, tear apart the kitchen, replace flooring and other such major projects,” says Dean Dupre, owner of Champion Marble & Tile in Clearwater, Fla. “Truth is choosing the right tiles to spiff up a room works wonders instead of spending a lot of money you may not have.”

Water resistance is usually an issue for homeowners, particularly in the bath and laundry room areas – two locations that tend to get makeovers when it comes time to sell. Porcelain ceramic tiles handle moisture with aplomb and reduce the chances of slipping and falling. Other types of stone tiles do not handle water well and tend to pool moisture in a thin layer, making secure traction difficult.

One of the best ways to upgrade a home’s flooring into a higher selling price range is porcelain ceramic tiles. They are well-known for their durability and even have the ability to handle more wear-and-tear than either granite or marble tiles while keeping their aesthetic appeal intact.
“Porcelain tiles are made to handle heat and do not burn, so they’re perfect for the kitchen,” adds Dupre. “This tough flooring can even handle having a hot pot dropped on it and not melt or scorch. It may chip a bit if it hits the right way, but it doesn’t burn.”

If choosing ceramic tiles for the kitchen floor, be aware there are various grades or groups of hardness and each grade is suitable for a variety of different things. Group 0 tiles are not fit to be used for flooring and are typically used as wall tiles. Group 1 tiles can only be used in light traffic areas. Group 2 tiles are not for kitchen use or for any areas with high traffic. Group 3 tiles are not for commercial use, but are suited to residential and light use applications. Group 4 tiles handle regular traffic well and Group 5 tiles are specifically for heavy duty traffic, where anything goes.

“Know the area you want to upgrade, do the research and get the right type of tiles for the job,” advises Dupre. “If you get the wrong tiling, you’ll have wasted your time and money.”

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