Litigation Funding: Helping Those in Time of Need

Were you been injured in an auto accident and are waiting for your case to settle? Were you seriously injured and are unable to return to work? Are you struggling to pay the medical bills and daily living expenses? If you answered yes, you may need litigation funding.

With litigation funding, you make no payments while your case is pending. There are no credit checks or employment verifications. The cash advance is provided solely on the strength of your case. The best part of lawsuit funding is that it is a non-recourse cash advance. This means there is no risk to you because repayment is only made once you win your case; lose and you do not have to pay us back.

If you would like to discuss litigation funding options on your personal injury case, contact Litigation Funding Corporation at 248.702.6022 or complete our online contact form. Once an application is received, we will work closely with your attorney to obtain documentation necessary to review your case. If approved, funds can be available in as little as 24 hours.

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