Guilty of looking like you are working while avoiding work entirely?

If you’re trying to build an insurance agency, there are millions of things you need to do and millions of things you don’t. Are you guilty of looking like you’re working while not accomplishing anything?
Think about that for a bit. Do you attend extraneous meetings, read books, listen to marketing tapes, read tips and tactics or work on personal sales skills during business hours? Have you ever actually put those skills to use?
Many new agents feel frozen when they first start out. They have busy work, which is work, but it does nothing to build the agency’s bottom line. Now and then, senior agents are guilty of this kind of procrastination as well.
Do you have a mission? When you’re marketing insurance, you need to a stated mission to which you can dedicate your energies. Your mission needs to be something along the lines of locating leads, educating them to allow them to make an informed decision, and providing what they need.
Don’t know where to find leads? Ask around, try it yourself, just so you know what happens when you harass your family, friends and relatives. Then find a reputable lead generation company and buy quality leads. Once you have your leads – focus, focus and focus some more on marketing your products.

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