For the Eco-Conscious Flooring Choices Are Eminently Exciting

As an environmentally friendly approach to renovating a home or redoing flooring, eco-conscious flooring is an exciting and green way to perfect a living space.

Flooring choices for environmentally conscious homeowners were once very limited. Today, however, the sky is the limit, or rather, the imagination is. Just about any type of green flooring conceivable, from bamboo to rubber to concrete, is readily available. A home can be a modern showcase of flooring that neither harms Mother Earth nor costs an arm and a leg.

But is concrete actually an indoor flooring option? Oddly enough, yes, concrete is becoming a very appealing choice because of its range of colors and the ability to customize, by stamping patterns into it or even using a circular saw. Color is not a limitation, as paints, stains, and dyes can create a whole spectrum of desired shades and hues for any given room in the house. But the major selling point is its durability. Even the relentless traffic of kids, pets and visitors can’t wear down a concrete floor.

If concrete is too bold an option, bamboo or even cork flooring are wonderful alternatives. They are not easily shredded and are far more resilient that people realize. For instance, bamboo is actually used as an alternative to hardwood and according to flooring experts, it is actually studier than hardwood. It appeals to homeowners who want their flooring to be both biodegradable and recyclable. Plus, bamboo has a renewal story that cheers that hearts of most green conscious people. It is rapidly renewable in its natural environment and, although light colored, it may be dyed or stained. Its ease of installation makes it a big hit with the DIY crowd.

Cork flooring, meanwhile, has an enviable reputation for being biodegradable, renewable and recyclable, also coming in a huge range of colors and sizes. No matter what the project, there is a suitable cork option. Installation is a snap and the finished product is appealing for several reasons: it acts as a natural thermal insulator, reducing heating costs, and is a comfortable surface to stand on.

Believe it or not, anyone can use eco-conscious tiles to create a floor of their choice. For instance, a creative renovator can lay cork and bamboo in a variety of ways. Experimentation is one of the best motivators for a unique floor design, so try using tiles creatively, mixing and matching, using thin and thick to contrast and using various colors.

This is not to say it is impossible to go wildly overboard with tile choices, but trying different approaches can make rooms come alive. Drawing out a pattern before actually laying the tiles can help avoid regrets once everything is glued in place. A tasteful, creative approach can make eco-conscious flooring into a beautiful part of the home.

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