International Students in America: October, 2014 Numbers and Trends

In its October, 2014 review of the Student and Exchange Visitor Program, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has provided a statistical snapshot of the international student population and the institutions at which they study.  According to the review, there are 1.1 million academic and vocation foreign students currently studying in the United States, and 200,782 exchange visitors here at the 8,988 U.S. institutions that have been approved to enroll academic and vocational international students.  The vast majority of such approved institutions – 77% – actually enroll 50 or fewer academic and vocational students.  73% of all academic or vocational students are enrolled in bachelor’s masters or doctoral programs while nearly 400,000 academic and vocational international students are studying in the STEM fields.  69% of all academic and vocational STEM students are male.

The review lists several trends.  Compared to October, 2013, (a) overall, the number academic,  vocational and exchange international students is up by 9%, (b) the number of all academic and vocational students enrolled in secondary school programs is up by 14% and those enrolled in U.S. masters degree programs is up 16%; (c) the number of academic and vocational students from India is up 28%; and interestingly (d) data on the number of academic and vocational students studying in Vermont show it to be up 21%, and those studying in Washington, Delaware and Arizona is up 18%.

The top five approved approved institutions with the largest academic international students populations are:  (1) University of Southern California, with 12,332 international students; (2) New York University, with 10,825  international students; (3) Columbia University, with 10,744 international students; (4) Purdue University, with 10,545 international students; and (5) University of Illinois, with 10,510 international students.

Finally, 12% of all academic and vocational students, or a total of 134,292,  are from India.  65% of all academic and vocational students from India study engineering and computer and information sciences and support services programs.


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