“Talk. Text. Crash.” — Texas Department of Transportation gets deadly serious about driving with cellphones

Recently, the Permian Basin has been the scene of numerous distracted-driving accidents, and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) wants to reduce the numbers. Distracted driving is generally caused by using a cellphone and texting or talking, but Texas accidents have even been caused by drivers brushing their teeth, reading the newspaper, combing hair and applying makeup.

TxDOT has launched an information campaign to help drivers stop driving while doing anything else but paying attention to the road. The campaign is marked by the slogan, “Talk. Text. Crash.” It is meant to remind drivers of the very real dangers of talking or texting on the phone while driving. 

Tapping a screen keeps a driver from paying attention to anything else, including the traffic around the car, often traveling at highway speeds. One moment of inattention could lead to a collision.

Alone, clever advertising campaigns cannot convince stubborn drivers who believe they need to or can text and drive with impunity, but they can raise awareness significantly. Death is final. A text or phone call can wait.

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