Every day, distracted driving kills 11 teens

It’s that time of year. Children are back in school. Those with teens who drive have a lesson to pass on to their children: do not text and drive.

While the lesson may be a valuable one on its own, it helps if the parents reinforcing the message do not do precisely what they are asking their teen not to do.

According to the National Automotive Authority (NAA), even a five-second glance at a text message can result in death. According to an NAA spokesperson, it takes four seconds to turn right and six seconds to turn left. If a vehicle is traveling at 60 mph, it takes five seconds to traverse a football field. If someone takes their eyes off the road for five seconds, they are driving blind. The consequences can kill. On average, distracted driving kills 11 teens every day.

How do you prevent a teen from driving while distracted? The NAA suggests monitoring your teen’s phone use. There are tricks teens may have to circumvent supervision, but they cannot alter the phone bill, which shows parents when the phone was in use. Most parents have an idea of where their child is and can then match up the times.

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