What To Look For In Choosing A Family & Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Attorneys in Orange County; The Maggio Law Firm, Inc.You might find a number of ways of finding a divorce lawyer in California, but finding a competent lawyer whom you can trust with all legal matters, can be a little difficult. In order to find a family law and divorce attorney in Orange County that you feel comfortable with, you must know have some  understanding about the qualities of an experienced, competent divorce lawyer.

Here is a quick look at some of the many traits of a competent family lawyer to keep in mind in finding a competent family law attorney:

He Or She Should Be an Expert In Family Law

You can’t rely on a general lawyer for handling your divorce-related problems. You have to consider the attorney’s specialization when relying on online resources and referrals for attorney hint in California. Every lawyer with sound academic profile is not necessarily competent or fully versed in all areas of law. A family law and divorce attorney’s practice should be focused on those areas of law, and not be the “jack of all trades” so to speak.  Moreover, family law spans a broad spectrum of family-related legal practices. If you are looking for an attorney for child support, for instance, then make sure that the attorney offers the services you need.

Good Communication Skills

A divorce lawyer must have good communication skills. Family law services also include legal advisory and counseling services. You might need to seek an attorney for expert advice on matters related to divorce, child support, property distribution, alimony, etc. But if the lawyer does not have good communication skills and can’t make you understand his point, he or she can’t help you. So don’t completely rely on referrals and online resources for hiring a divorce attorney. Meet the attorney in person to make sure you are satisfied with his or her professional skills and can communicate with him or her comfortably.

Experience is a Must

An experienced attorney not only handles all the legal matters strategically but you can also count on him for legal advice and counseling. So experience is an important aspect you must consider when hiring a divorce attorney in California.  An attorney can’t learn practical aspects of family just by having a law degree alone.  Hands-on experience is very important to understand various aspects of divorce law and keep track of changing divorce laws. So make sure that the attorney you are choosing is experienced in handling divorce and child custody cases.

Your Satisfaction is Important

It is very important that you have a good connection with your attorney. Nothing is more important than your contentment and comfort. You might come across a number of lawyers with exceptionally good professional skills, but they treat people merely like files and don’t understand their emotional stress. Therefore, it is recommended to hire a lawyer who puts in efforts to help you cope with the mental and emotional trauma of divorce.

Testimonials and Clients’ Feedback

An easy way to make sure that the attorney you are choosing is reputed and offers reliable services, is looking at the clients’ feedback and testimonials.  An authentic and professional attorney has a large client base and their response reflects the quality of services the attorney offers.

divorce_attorneyGerald A. Maggio is an experienced Orange County divorce and family law attorney and family law attorney located in Irvine, California, serving the Orange County and Riverside areas. Mr. Maggio assists clients with legal issues including divorce, legal separation, divorce mediation, child custody, prenuptial agreements, stepparent adoptions, and other family law issues. Mr. Maggio has practiced law in California since 1999, and founded The Maggio Law Firm in 2005, focusing exclusively on divorce and family law matters.

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