Michael Gilfix discusses Medi-Cal asset seizure in Mercury News

A growing number of older Californians are concerned about Medi-Cal asset seizure, according to a new article from the San Jose Mercury News.

The California State Assembly recently passed a new bill designed to limit Medi-Cal’s ability to recover assets from the estates of deceased Medi-Cal beneficiaries. As the law stands currently, Medi-Cal can seize a substantial portion of an estate — including a residence — to recover the benefits used to cover medical care through Medi-Cal.

But Governor Jerry Brown’s advisors are encouraging a veto of the bill in order to avoid revenue losses that would hurt the state’s budget, as reported by the Mercury News.  

Even if Governor Brown does sign the bill, the new law would limit but not entirely prohibit Medi-Cal asset recovery.

The Mercury News turned to Michael Gilfix for comment on the growing concerns surrounding Medi-Cal asset seizure.

Gilfix pointed out that whether or not the bill is vetoed, Californians can take steps to protect their estates from Medi-Cal recovery. In the article, he commented that assets, and residences in particular, can be protected through proactive estate planning.

According to the Mercury News, many older Californians who already benefit from Medi-Cal are surprised to learn that their estates, which they hoped to pass down to their heirs, are at risk.

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