Judge denies pill mill pharmacist’s request to end house arrest

A federal judge denied a former “pill mill” pharmacist his request to reduce his sentence of 30 months of house arrest.

In August 2012, Steven Goodman was sentenced for providing more than 1 million prescription pills to the owners of “pain management” clinics in Wellington, Florida. 

U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra sentenced Goodman to 30 months of house arrest in his home near St. Petersburg because, he said, the prison system could not accommodate a person of his size. Goodman weighs 551 pounds.

The twin brothers who owned the clinics, Jeffrey and Christopher George, were sentenced to 15.5 and 14 years respectively for illegally disbursing pain pills at several South Florida locations.

Goodman requested that the last seven months of his sentence be nullified, because it is nearly impossible for him to leave his home in any case due to his size. Goodman claimed that he suffers from an incurable disease of the lymph system and a heart condition, and that his doctor has given him six to 12 months to live.

Judge Marra denied the request, saying that Goodman was sentenced to house arrest not as a favor to the defendant, but in order to spare the prison system the burden of his care.

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