House Votes to Increase Veterans’ Disability Payments

Veterans receiving disability payments scored a win last week in the House of Representatives. The house cleared legislation to increase compensation benefits for disabled veterans on Tuesday.

The legislation, already passed unanimously by the Senate, now heads to President Obama’s desk for his signature.

Veterans will see a boost in their payments starting on December 1, so that the cost-of-living increase will match the rate of Social Security benefits. Approximately 4.5 million veterans rely on disability benefits, and many of those individuals could have seen a cut to their benefits had Congress not acted.

The veterans whose disability payments are their only source of income are especially breathing a sigh of relief.

In a news cycle that has been dominated by partisanship, especially with the mid-term elections, this story is a refreshing reminder that when it comes to those who have served our country, our representatives can shed their partisan coats and come together for the greater good.

Read more on The Hill’s website:

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