High-Tech Gadgets to Keep Seniors Safe

A new wave of high-tech gadgets could make keeping seniors safe while living in their own homes more feasible than ever. Among the latest developments are:

  • Motion sensors – Motion sensors on the wall, front door, chair or refrigerator can detect whether there is too little activity over a period of time, then alert a family member. Advanced motion detectors can even identify changes in gait.
  • Mattress monitors – These devices can spot restlessness or frequent trips to the bathroom. Respiratory and pulse rates can also be monitored.
  • Smart pill bottles – New gadgets can make pill bottles sound an alarm when it is time for a dose and text the senior’s caregiver if the pill is not taken.
  • Appliance safeties – Special devices can turn off the stove if it is left on for too long, preventing burns and fires.

Research from the University of Missouri suggests that automatic monitoring can spot the subtle changes, like nighttime restlessness or lower daytime activity, that occur 10-14 days prior to a fall or trip to the hospital.

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