Back to School: Educational Opportunities Abound for Michigan Veterans

This fall, Michigan veterans looking for educational opportunities have more options than ever before.

In early August, the federal government passed legislation that qualifies veterans for in-state tuition at any public university, regardless of where the veteran legally resides.

Veterans can finally dispense with the complexities of Yellow Ribbon tuition programs, which promised tuition coverage but frequently stranded students. Michigan veterans were already close to some of the best public universities in the country, and this fall, many Michigan veterans can ponder the possibility of four years in Los Angeles, Chapel Hill or Austin as well.

At the same time, innovative new programs are popping up across the state for Michigan veterans who are looking to blend education and employment.

The Michigan Advanced Technician Training Program, also known as MAT2, combines classroom education and work experience into a highly structured program. Students work directly with and for advanced manufacturers while attending select classes at a community college. Participants are paid for their work by a sponsoring employer, who also covers complete tuition costs. Graduates earn an advanced Associate’s degree and are guaranteed full-time employment upon graduation.

MAT2 offers open enrollment and ongoing fairs to match accepted students with sponsoring employers.

The Inforum Center for Leadership offers a short and flexible program to help Michigan’s returning servicewomen acquire the necessary tools to transition into the workplace. Next4Vets is an adaption of the Center’s NextUp program, an eight-week course that helps young women plan and network for professional careers.

The Next4Vets program mixes a limited number of in-person learning sessions with ample home-based learning, so that women with families, current employment and other responsibilities can access the course more readily.

A pilot cohort of Next4Vets is expected this fall, and the program should become permanent in 2015.

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