Warsaw researchers design a new way to detect alcohol in a moving vehicle

In breaking news, scientists working for the Military University of Technology in Warsaw have developed a laser system able to detect alcohol in moving cars while standing at roadside. The laser detects alcohol vapors, then sends a message, a snapshot of the car and the license plate number to a waiting police officer. The vehicle can then be stopped by law enforcement, and the officer has the opportunity to conduct further traditional roadside alcohol tests.

The benefits of such a system are immediately obvious. It would reduce the number of cars that need to be manually checked by police, and it would increase the ability of police to stop confirmed drunken drivers.

Tests utilizing this new device determined that it was able to identify alcohol vapors in cars from a driver with a blood alcohol concentration above 0.1 percent. The device is comprised of two reflecting mirrors, two detectors, two lasers, a spherical and dichroic mirror and a chopper. 

Whether the driver is drunk or not, the device would still detect an alcohol spill or inebriated passengers. If a driver attempted to fool the lasers by driving with open windows or using solar screens on side windows, the device would send an alert to the police, telling them that the car needs to be checked.

This device could be a major tool in the law enforcement arsenal to stop drunk driving in Texas.

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