Special-Effects Trend in Tiling Arrives From Overseas

Flooring trends, like politicians, constantly change to please people. The latest European trend is glass tiling with a “special” effect.

“The UK tile market is exploding with the latest creative tile trends –- 3D glass tile with bold, snappy colors, ripple mosaic tile, stone or glass mosaic tile and metallic glass tile. They’re quite unique and very eye-catching,” said Dean Dupre, owner of Champion Tile and Marble in Tampa Bay, Florida.

These tiles are not the run-of-the-mill various colored tiles for a home renovation project, intended to look serene and sedate, classic and timeless. They are designed for creative individuals who want to add spice to their living areas and to feature stunning colors that create special effects.

“The interesting colors you’ll find in the UK tiles will allow for truly creative tiling,” added Dupre. “Homeowners can choose their particular brand of glass tiles and match them to other elements in the home. No matter what color you love, be it pumpkin orange or zesty raspberry, you can find it. And the tiles don’t just come in one shade. Sets typically have at least three variations on a theme to allow you to mix and match.”
Special-effects tiles come in various collections, patterns, colors and materials: from glass to stone, from futuristic to 3D. For those who thrive on mixing and matching, the temptation to do something really artistic may capture the moment. Mix in metallic glass tiles with gold, flaming red and deep-water blue. The only limit to working with these tiles is one’s imagination.

“History does repeat itself. This time, it’s taken an old page out of a design book but added vibrant, splashy colors for the entrepreneurial tiling aficionados who love to express themselves with color and new materials,” said Dupre.

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