Glass Mosaic Tiles Add Fanciful Glitter to a Home

Homeowners looking for something completely wild and exquisitely classy should consider the Chromatic Mosaic Tile collection for their updates.

The Chromatic Mosaic Tile collection is unique because of the bubbling chrome used inside the tiles. The tiles are then sealed in colored, clear or smooth glass. When viewed from different angles, surfaces show changing highlights, reflections and refractions. It can help create a child’s fantasy world or add a certain zing to a recreation or bar room area in the basement. These tiles make a stunning focal point in the bathroom and kitchen, livening up the view and brightening any area where they are installed.

“Not everyone wants sparkle and glitter in their homes, but if you have kids that love princess fairy stories or belle-of-the-ball tales, the Chromatic Mosaic Tile collection might be just the right thing for their rooms. You only get to be a kid once, and these sparkly, jewel-colored tiles add a touch of whimsy to any child’s room,” said Dean Dupre, owner and operator at Champion Tile and Marble in Tampa Bay, Florida.

There are a number of ways to install these tiles, but by using large block placement, the different colors inside the glass tiles stand out quite clearly. If the renovation budget does not allow for many tiles, consider using fewer to create an elegant border in the bathroom or kitchen. Mixing and matching tiles lets creative installers work on their own custom designs. “You’d never be at a loss for color choices,” added Dupre, “and the collection features some very rich, deep colors to enhance a home.”

These tiles never rub off or fade, and they add charisma wherever they are featured in a home. Beautiful shades add depth to any room, and no two custom patterns created by the DIY installer will be the same.

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