After the Lawsuit Is Filed it may be Time to Apply for Lawsuit Funding

Thousands of innocent victims are injured or die due to the negligence of someone else. These unfortunate events can result from an auto accident, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, slip and fall, or product liability. Often times, the more serious the injury, the harder it will be for a plaintiff to withstand the litigation process. A seriously injured plaintiff, especially one who is out of work or requires around-the-clock care may be forced to settle too early for too little compensation in order to pay medical expenses, the mortgage or rent, auto payments, and daily living expenses. A plaintiff represented by an attorney, is eligible for lawsuit funding, a non-recourse cash advance based on the potential value of the pending lawsuit.

Litigation can be expensive, sometimes incredibly expensive. Lawsuit funding helps plaintiffs go the distance without being forced to accept anything less than a fair settlement. Many plaintiffs will be out of work for weeks, months, even years; they will not have the income during their recovery period. Lawsuit funding is sometimes their only access to cash; many victims do not have good credit and/or income to qualify them for a traditional loan. Traditional loans also require monthly payments which may be difficult for plaintiffs injured, disabled and without income. By removing a plaintiff’s financial burden, lawsuit funding enables a lawsuit to be resolved on its true merits.

Lawsuit funding is not for everyone, but for many plaintiffs it is the only hope pay their bills while maintaining their fight for fair compensation. If you have been involved in a personal injury lawsuit, have filed a claim, and need financial assistance to pay the bills and/or avoid foreclosure, contact Litigation Funding Corp. We offer free, no obligation funding advice and case evaluations. All that is required for funding approval is legal representation and a case with merit. Once we evaluate your case, if you are approved for funding, we can usually wire cash into your bank account within 24 hours. Then, pay your bills and focus on healing while your attorney focuses on your case. Lawsuit funding really is a quick and easy, no-risk solution during your financial time of need.

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