Why Older Couples Above The Age of 50 Should Choose Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediators Orange County; California Divorce MediatorsWhat happens when couples at a later stage in their life decide to part ways? In most cases, they don’t have young children, but they do have assets they need to divide. Also, their children will still be left shocked knowing that their parents are planning to separate after spending a lifetime together. In short, getting divorced after 50 will not be any easier than getting divorced at a younger age. Therefore, couples over the age of 50 should choose a divorce mediator to guide them through this tough time.

A Divorce Mediator Will Make Things Easier

It is safe to assume that couples over the age of 50 have had several years to work on their marriage (apart from a few exceptions). If a couple, where both partners are over the age of 50, is getting divorced, there can be a number of reasons behind it. Maybe after years of trying to work on their marriage, they finally decided to throw in the towel. Maybe one party retired and stared spending more time at home, resulting in more conflict and more arguments than usual. No matter what the reason, the divorce has to be handled in a responsible way.

Although couples over the age of 50 may not have to worry about child support, they will have to be concerned about paying long-term spousal support, division of retirement funds, and property distribution. Such matters can turn ugly if they are not dealt with in a calm and professional way, and that is why involving a professional divorce mediator is a good idea.  Why spend the money that has been saved for a lifetime on court litigation when that money will be needed soon enough with the retirement years coming up in only a few years?

A Divorce Mediator Will Take Care of All the Legal Hassles

When people over the age of 50 file for divorce, the divorce mediator has to sort out through issues such as estate planning, taxes, health insurance, spousal support, division of liabilities and assets, and retirement benefits. If both or one of the partners is retired, the California divorce mediators have to deal with situations like deciding on who gives money to whom and how the assets will be divided amongst each other. Assuming that the couple has accumulated many assets over the years, dividing them can be complicated and difficult, and you need a divorce mediator to handle all the legal matters.

A Divorce Mediator Will Help You Reach a Peaceful Resolution

Whether you are in your 20s, 50s, or anywhere in between, no one wants to go through a messy divorce. Still, a lot of people are not able to handle their divorce in a mature way, mostly because they are dealing with strong emotions such as anger, depression, and heartbreak. Hiring the services of a California divorce mediation firm means that they are opting for a more peaceful dissolution of their marriage. The mediator creates a safe environment where they can communicate with each other and find out what each party wants.

Elder couples going through a divorce should seek the assistance of a California divorce mediation firm to help them reach an agreement that will not emotionally deprive them or their children. Divorce at any age is stressful and unpleasant, but going to a divorce mediator to sort out the financials can lessen the pain between two parties.

If you are located in Orange County or anywhere else in California, and are planning to get divorced, you should seek the assistance of a reliable divorce mediator. For further information or to schedule a consultation with California Divorce Mediators, please call (949) 553-0911 or visit www.cadivorcemediators.com.  California Divorce Mediators is an experienced Divorce Mediation and Family Law firm serving the Orange County and Riverside areas and neighboring counties, serving individuals, couples and families with legal issues including divorce, legal separation, spousal support, child support and child custody issues.

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