Methods of Autism Advocacy: Face Value Comics

Autism at Face Value has published the debut issue of Face Value Comics, the first comic book whose hero has autism.

Face Value Comics uses the art of comic books as a method of autism advocacy. Michael, the comic’s hero, is a boy with an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. He also has a secret identity as a superhero, the Zephyr. The comic features fantastical elements like steam-powered airships and the threat of an alien invasion, while Michael must also face typical middle school challenges like test anxieties and bullying.

Face Value Comics aims to creatively apply scientific research and provide support to young people with autism by countering prejudice against them and helping them feel safe in their schools and communities.

The comic book strives to include actual diagnostic symptoms of autism spectrum disorders within an entertaining story, giving young people with autism support in their experiences and helping others understand what autism can be like without stereotypes and misunderstanding.

The Face Value stories portray Michael and his friends encountering real-world problems and making mistakes that they learn from. The comics emphasize social learning as a way to deal with social developmental difficulties.

Autism at Face Value believes that readers, including children with autism, need heroes they can relate to, and people who do not have autism may need a change of perspective to truly understand and empathize with people who have the disorder. More information about Face Value Comics is available at

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