Hints of Marble Add Elegance on a Budget

When used in accentwork, marble can support an inexpensive kitchen or bathroom upgrade.
“You can have the elegance and benefits of marble even if you really can’t afford complete marble surfaces. You can pull off some seriously stunning looks by using marble as an accent,” said Dean Dupre, owner of Champion Tile and Marble in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Instead of doing a whole room, choose to update only the countertops or some other feature. Some homeowners lay marble tiles on the floor and complement them with ceramic sinks and backsplashes. Even as a small accent, marble fills whole rooms with its unique look. Well-edited choices create a quietly understated atmosphere.
Use color to your advantage. For high impact, choose marble with contrasting veins, like grey and white. Then, add more white into the room to highlight the veining. “If you can’t afford much, consider making a marble counter the focal point of the room, then build your design from its texture,” said Dupre.

Those with larger budgets may consider marble tubs the epitome of luxury. But your ceramic tub can light up in the same way with stone-to-stone accents. Limits are only set by the bounds of your creativity.

New treatments and finishes have made marble even more popular. Now, the stone can even stand up the humidity of the kitchen or bathroom. No matter where you place it, remember that your marble must be resealed regularly to ensure durability and keep moisture out.

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