Wood-Look Ceramic Tiles Offer a Cost-Effective Flooring Alternative

Not everyone can afford a hardwood floor. If your heart is sent on wood flooring, but you just can’t make the budget stretch far enough, you may want to consider wood-look ceramic tiles. The flooring industry specifically created these tiles to appeal to consumers who want the appeal of hardwood without the price.

Wood-look tiles, as you might imagine, mimic natural wood, but they also contribute the strength of tiling to your floors. Sturdy and durable, these tiles are moisture-resistant and can withstand high heat. They are easier to clean than conventional wooden floors, and they require little upkeep and no polishing.

Typically composed of porcelain and/or ceramic, the tiles mime natural woodgrain surprisingly well. Plus, wood-look tiles are far easier to install and maintain. Tiled surfaces will not shrink or swell with changes in heat or humidity, and each tile is much easier to replace when damaged than strips of hardwood.

Indoors or out, wood-look tiles can withstand water, heavy traffic and frequent sun exposure. They are particularly cost-effective in their maintenance; once wood-look tiles are down, they require very little upkeep and continued funds.