Pick a Medicare Lead Provider to Be a Partner

To build up an insurance business, you need to find reliable partners, not resellers, in lead generation.
“Not many agents understand the difference between a partner and a reseller of quality leads, like Medicare supplement leads,” explained Clelland Green, RHU and CEO of Benepath.net. “A partner works with you toward success, but a reseller actually works against you by selling you chewed-up prospects.”

The senior care industry is booming. To be successful in this niche, it is crucial to choose a reliable lead generation company. Some offer older leads which are neither useful nor lucrative. choosi Others send leads that have already been worked, but still call them exclusive. “In a way, they are “exclusive:” your lead generation company is excluding you from profit in the scheme,” Green reported. “There are no benefits in working an exhausted lead or spending good money on it.”

So, how does an agent find a good partner? Choose a lead generation company with a good reputation who promises to stand behind its product. Its system should screens leads, pre-qualify them and provide them to you with complete information.

“Pay attention to the amount of help they offer you. Do they help you sell and market? If so, the company may make an excellent partner. If a company is willing to commit extra time to assisting you, you can can help each other succeed,” added Green.

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