If Bathroom Renos Are Pending, Pay Attention to the Process of Proper Tiling

There are four rules of thumb to observe when tiling.

“Bathroom renos can be fun and they can also be a huge pain,” points out the owner of Champion Tile and Marble in Tampa Bay, Florida, Dean Dupre. “The DIY crowd dive right in, often finding out later it was not a good idea, not reading any instructions. The experienced folks know to check twice, measure twice, and do it right the right time for an elegant and long-lasting, good-looking job.”

If the bathroom is the project for the day, be sure to use more full-size tiles; in other words, choose a size the suits the bathroom area. Smaller tiles make a larger bathroom look dated, and the installer has a lot of grouting to complete. Larger tiles offer a more modern ambience and less grouting. Edge installation goes relatively smoothly if you cut tiles to the amount of space left and use a wet saw. Creative individuals may want to try different colors and sizes of tiles.

To make the room look elegant and pulled together, try laying tiles in a symmetrical pattern. If the tiles are to be mounted on a wall, make sure the opposing wall looks the same. Different-sized tiles on either side of the room create an odd visual distortion. If the tiles are to be laid on the floor, begin in the center of the room with smaller ones and work out to the edge, and use large tiles to form a border.

“Before cutting anything, measure carefully first. Cutting is not the easiest task, even with a wet saw. So to ensure less damaged tiles, which cramps your design in mind, work slowly while cutting,” suggests Dupre. The cut tiles are generally used as edging, under overhangs, by walls and as borders. In other words, cut tiles are ideal for any area that is less visible. To enhance visibility in areas seen immediately, use full tiles to draw the eye to the point of attention.

“The best tip you will ever benefit from before attempting a tile reno in the bathroom is: Lay your tiles out on a dry surface to see what they will look like. When you have it right in your mind, go to town and get creative. It’s the most fun you will ever have with a renovation,” says Dupre.

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