Florida pill mill doctor could face 350-year prison sentence

A South Florida doctor faces a maximum sentence of 350 years for his role in a Pompano Beach “pill mill.”

A jury in Broward County convicted Dr. Thomas Rodenberg, 54, of 14 criminal charges. These included trafficking of oxycodone (a narcotic painkiller), racketeering, illegal delivery of controlled substances and conspiracy.

In 2012, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency led an investigation into the pain clinic where Rodenberg was employed. It resulted in the arrest of 11 people. During the sting, which spanned three years, undercover police posed as patients and obtained medically unnecessary prescriptions for controlled substances.

According to police, undercover officers obtained 55 prescriptions for nearly 3,000 doses of oxycodone.

Many people legitimately suffer from debilitating pain and need narcotic painkillers to cope. Unfortunately, the lure of personal profit drives some unscrupulous doctors and clinics to prescribe the drug for their own financial gain, not according to the true needs of patients.

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