Pair Web-Savvy Marketing with Medicare Supplement Leads for Guaranteed Customers

Some insurance agents love the feel of a printed ad, brochure or booklet. It shows hard work and represents their goals and products tangibly. Unfortunately, the popularity of print ads has declined drastically since the advent of the internet.

The Wall Street Journal once wrote that at least eight of America’s largest daily newspapers would be defunct within a year and a half because of declining readership. Readers are moving online and finding their news through web sources and social media. These days, printed ads are no longer as effective as online marketing campaigns.

So, choose to move your ads online and combine those efforts with the purchase of exclusive Medicare supplement leads. When acquired from an online lead generation company, these leads are solid gold. They convert at a very high rate for a number of reasons, but primarily because they involve a captive audience who need Medicare and Medigap packages. If you are marketing to that niche, Medicare supplement leads are your best investment.

Benepath is the leading provider of exclusive medicare leads. To learn more, visit or call 1-866-368-0377

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