Michigan Veterans Not Using Services

Michigan has a significant concentration of resident veterans – around 700,000.  However, in December, it was revealed that Michigan also has the lowest percentage of veterans who utilize benefits and services available to them.

According to a report released by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency, only 142,260 veterans use services available to them such as health care and education resources. This number accounts for just 20% of Michigan’s veteran population.

 So why aren’t more Michigan veterans taking advantage of these services and opportunities?

The disparity can be partly attributed to poor information and lack of an organized method for distributing information about these programs.  With no central database for this information, many veterans aren’t even aware of the benefits available to them.  Additionally, the disparity is partly due to a shortage of trained and on-staff service officers necessary to meet the needs of the growing number of veterans leaving the armed forces and taking up residence in Michigan.

In an effort to increase communication and awareness of these available programs, the Veterans Affairs Agency has launched pilot programs in Wayne County and Grand Rapids.  Part of these programs include increasing staff levels to generate demand.

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