Indian American Files Federal Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Against Texas Company

An Indian American employee has filed a federal employment discrimination lawsuit against Schwan’s, a Texas home food delivery company, claiming that was subjected to racial discrimination and physical abuse while under the company’s employ.

Sandeep Gupta worked as a location manager in Houston for Schwan’s until he quit in 2013. He said he was subjected to extreme mistreatment, including racial slurs and physical attacks.

Gupta, who was born in India and raised in Hong Kong, said that he was called names such as “turban head” at work, and that coworkers suggested he was a terrorist. Allegedly, they also altered a photograph of him to make it appear that he was surrounded by a SWAT team. Gupta claimed that company managers physically attacked him, holding him down and striking him in the groin. He claims that the abuse continued on a systematic basis even after he reported it to his supervisor.

Gupta said that he needed the job and could not afford to quit until last year. He said he is now looking for work.

Schwan’s issued a statement stating that it is the company’s policy to provide a workplace free of discrimination and harassment, and that Gupta did not report the alleged abuse prior to his resignation.

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