Flooring Choices for High-Traffic Kitchen Areas

Kitchens are unique for a number of reasons. If you are renovating, make sure to choose flooring that will stand up to heavy traffic and spills.

Without a doubt, the kitchen is the heart of the home. Just about everything — from cooking to entertainment to homework — happens in its friendly atmosphere. People come. People go. People pass through and spend time. It’s always a room with stories to tell, and over time, the floor begins to show signs of its wear. So when a family upgrades their kitchen space, they want to make sure to find something durable, attractive, easy to maintain and within their budget.

Today, many Americans are choosing stone and tiling for this high-traffic room. Tile and stone are well-known to stand up to the demands of children and pets.

Nothing performs better than stone for resistance; it does not scratch as other flooring, like laminate or hardwood, would. Stone lends itself to a natural look, and it gives a room an interesting, warm ambiance. Slate, sandstone and limestone are most popular. While these choices do need to be treated to maintain their elegance, they are tough and sturdy.

If budget is a concern, you may opt to use porcelain tiles that look like stone. It takes some sleight of hand, but the solution is very appealing to the eye when all is said and done. Tile is also smoother underfoot than stone would be. Porcelain tiles come in multitudinous patterns, designs and colors, and they can even be ordered with a metallic finish. With an eye to quiet design, metallic-finish tiles energize a kitchen in an understated, elegant way. The right choice of tile will also withstand a virtual army’s worth of tromping.

Concrete flooring is a third, newer trend. Popping up on floors across the nation, concrete holds heat well and is one of the toughest floor materials on the market. These surfaces are nothing like the sidewalk material you may be picturing. Concrete can be acid-stained, colored, polished or honed. In many cases, the final result looks like another substance entirely. With coloring, you can choose between various shades of yellow, gray, white, red and even green. And concrete can even be used for countertops.

Your kitchen can be the inviting, central hub that you want it to be. Think about your choices and how they fit your budget before investing in any surface.