Email Campaigns and Health Insurance Leads Will Broaden Your Customer Base

Direct mail offers a physical approach to health insurance lead generation. While this approach does still “work”, the internet has almost rendered direct mail extinct. As such, your results may be limited. Admittedly, there is less competition among direct mail campaigns these days, but it is still unwise for agencies to print expensive brochures when 98 percent of them tend to end up in garbage cans.

Instead, send links using an online email campaign. A web approach makes more fiscal and environmental sense. You can include digital health insurance brochures and other related documents in your campaign; readers can follow links to online items to read and consider.

No matter how you send out your marketing materials, make sure you buy your health insurance leads from a reputable lead generation company like

These leads are pre-vetted and pre-screened. They arrive in real time and deliver, for the most part, ready-to-buy customers. Of course, some will take up to eight weeks to decide what they want, but if you follow up and follow through consistently, that business can be yours now and for the future.

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