In a Rear-End Collision, How Might the Lead Driver Share in the Responsibility?

A young man died while driving his pickup truck on U.S. 19 when he rear-ended a fully-loaded dump truck, police said. The auto accident occurred shortly after 2 a.m. just north of Klosterman Road in Tarpon Springs.

Tarpon Springs police said Joshua Saunders was northbound on U.S. 19 when he collided with the dump truck, which was also northbound. Saunders was declared dead at the scene. His father, Michael Saunders, identified him.

Yusdel Canete, 29, of Tampa, was driving the dump truck. Police have filed no charges in the case.

When a driver runs into the back of another vehicle, it is reasonable to presume that the rear driver is responsible for the accident. However, this is not always the case. For instance, the lead driver may have pulled out from an intersection or changed lanes into the path of the rear driver without a safe margin. The lead driver may have unnecessarily stopped short or may even have had malfunctioning brake lights. In the case of a dump truck, it is possible the truck was loaded beyond capacity and presented an increased danger to passenger vehicles in the event of a collision.

When an auto accident is presumably the fault of one party, it is easy to overlook the role that the other driver may have played in causing the collision. In that case, it is especially important that an experienced auto accident attorney be retained to assist in investigating the collision.

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