Is it the Middle Managers at VA?


Jim Fausone
Veterans Disability Lawyer

In most organizations the people at the top get it.  The people at the bottom are just doing a job.  It is the people in the middle that make or break the team.  You have seen it where there is “no bench” strength.  If the star football player goes down, no one steps up.  It is about the LTs and the NCOs.  Well, one Congressman called this issue out.  “It’s become apparent to me and many others that there is a culture of complacency among the agency’s middle management,” Rep. Jeffrey Miller (R-Fla.), chair of the House Veterans Affairs Committee (HVAC), told International Business Times. “These mid-level managers know that as federal employees there is a good chance they’ll have their position longer than I will be chairman of oversight, and longer than the VA secretary will have his job. They’re evidently willing to just wait out those of us who are trying to change things, and unfortunately the consequences are as serious as life and death for our veterans.”  So Congress knows the problem, gosh I don’t want to keep blogging about that for the next decade, and where the bulk of the problem is located.  So, do something!  

Read more about this in a recent article.   

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