Consider a Place for Vinyl Flooring in Renovations

Some homeowners disdain vinyl flooring, but it actually has a valuable place in home renovation projects.

It used to be that vinyl flooring didn’t wear well and just had a “cheaper” look, even when it was newly laid. The product has definitely changed, and today’s Americans may not be aware of the new benefits (no matter how they felt about Granny’s white-and-red checked kitchen floors).

You can still find that checked vinyl flooring, and now it is considered to offer a clean, retro look. However, the vinyl that composes it is now resilient and durable, able to withstand applesauce, Kraft dinners, soup, dog bones and even wine. Be careful how you install the flooring, and it will last for years. Vinyl can now be installed with no-slip sheets, which enhances its safety and makes it even easier to clean.

Vinyl is also water-resistant, making mopping easy. Spills are not an issue if wiped up promptly because the material’s virtual seamlessness will prevent leaking underneath it. No mold, dirt, bacteria or other pathogens will slip beneath your floor, making vinyl a safe, healthy choice for homes with children. Vinyl flooring offers a huge variety of colors, patterns and textures. Modern vinyl has been known to fool a discerning eye with intelligent mimicry of other types of flooring. Smooth? Yes. Rougher and more rustic? Yes. A pebbled surface? You can find that too.

Vinyl flooring is extremely economical, and it will serve those with a strict budget well. You can save even more if you lay it yourself. Just pay attention to the directions for proper installation. There are smart buys on the market for those who appreciate the versatility of contemporary vinyl. The option is well worth exploration.