Companies realize the benefits of offering lower insurance rates to their employees

It’s hard to think about selling group insurance when the country is staring down some of the toughest economic times it has ever faced. Is it worth even trying to sell it? The answer is yes, it IS worth trying to sell group insurance, because there are companies that realize the benefits of offering lower insurance rates to their employees.

Educate as many company owners as you can about how it works to their benefit to have such a policy in the workplace. It is an attractive perk for many and if the right kind of policy is chosen, which you would help with, the employer can save money. It is not impossible. Sign up for group insurance leads from a reputable lead generation company, such as

The leads they sell are solid and backed by years of experience in the industry. They are screened, come in real-time and you may choose to have exclusive-to-you-only leads sent right to your email daily, or weekly. The timing is up to you, as is the number of leads you buy.

It’s worth the few extra dollars to invest in exclusive group insurance leads. The payoff on group insurance sales more than makes up for the difference in general leads versus exclusive leads. Try it. Your bank account will love you.

Benepath is the leading provider of exclusive group health insurance leads. To learn more, visit or call 1-866-368-0377

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