You just might take a shine to green grass flooring

If you’re heavily into eco-friendly renovation ideas, try green grass flooring.

Green grass? Who would want green grass on their floor? Green grass is more commonly referred to say bamboo, and it is durable, tough and looks awesome. It offers each room it graces a whole new look and feel, not to mention the fact that it is super easy to take care of and clean. What could be better than an environmentally friendly flooring that is tough as they come, easy to clean and looks stunning?

Actually, bamboo may even be considered to be the new hardwood that was once so popular. They have not gone out of style yet, but because they represent a large tree kill, many younger, green conscious families, are opting for an alternative like bamboo. Most of the world’s bamboo flooring comes from Asia. Flooring contractors and companies are noticing the shift in attitude as well. People are trending more to what is best for Mother Earth when it comes to choosing new flooring or upgrading the old stuff.

Green grass, or bamboo floors are attractive and versatile, often being used in and outside. As well, they have an interesting story to tell before they become a part of your home. Before being turned into hard boards, the bamboo fibers are first sorted out and rinsed down to take out any debris in them, including sugar content. From there, the fibers are turned into hard board and sold in a variety of colors.

You can choose from solid bamboo, engineered bamboo, strand woven bamboo, and teragren bamboo. While that may sound confusing, it’s not. The solid bamboo is completely made of bamboo, does not expand and contract as much as hardwood, but looks like it, comes in stained flooring, horizontal or vertical strand flooring and all-natural or carbonized versions.

Engineered bamboo looks very much like engineered hardwood, featuring many layers of bamboo, banded for strength and glued to a base. It’s convenient to install and great for dry or humid climates.
Strand woven bamboo is created when the strands are cut, boiled, and laid out to dry. They are then hard-pressed to flatten them, preparatory to cutting them into various sized planks, which are stitched together and ultimately glued. Many homeowners like the green and eye appeal of this style of flooring.

Teragren bamboo is really amazing. The stalks are sliced into small slats, laminated with an adhesive and subjected to hydraulic pressure. They are ideal for interior design projects.

Even though bamboo has been around for years, it is just now starting to come into its own as a flooring alternative that helps keep Earth a greener place to live. It also helps that is an affordable flooring alternative as well.

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