Re-purposed flooring is a great option for home renos

Want to redo your floors, but ended up with something you didn’t like? Make it into furniture, the ultimate in re-purposing.

These days it’s hot to trick out your décor or stage your home for a quick sale. Staging can make a huge difference in how fast a home sells, not to mention it may even increase the price some. The latest trend in staging is using reclaimed wood for just about everything, from floors to accessories. Called re-purposing, it’s catching on fast because it is eco-friendly and means hacking down fewer trees. People love the idea of using reclaimed wood for flooring and, of all things, furniture and home interior accessories with a twist.

Just be certain, if you want to have reclaimed wood in your home, that it is indeed “reclaimed.” As with many other things in this world today, there are even scam artists out to make buck off fake reclaimed flooring. Check your prospective purchase carefully to see if it is correctly labelled, meaning it should be certified as being from a reputable organization such as the Rainforest Alliance. When in doubt, don’t buy if it does not feel right for you.

You should also be aware that depending on where the reclaimed lumber came from there may be chemicals or toxins in the wood. Or, it may have been treated and prepared for reuse by the manufacturer. Reclaimed wood may have paints, insecticides, unknown chemicals, preservatives or adhesives and even lead in it. You don’t want to live with that in your home if you have inhalant allergies. Always make sure you find out where the wood came from and what is in it.

Don’t want to pay the price for reclaimed wood because of the labor and processing involved in obtaining it? You could DIY, particularly if you already have some experience in doing that kind of work. One thing’s for sure, you’ll likely fall in love with reclaimed flooring because the quality and durability is bar none the best.

Did you know that reclaimed woods can be even more durable than original, virgin wood, that has never been used before? That’s due to the fact that it comes from old-growth trees, not the younger ones. Some of the best reclaimed wood is from barns, a fact those with a love of the Western look find appealing. There’s just something about the rustic, old-fashion look that goes well with antiques, and staging designs that use reclaimed flooring or furniture, are noted for being colourful and eye-catching. That’s what versatility is all about.

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