No One Should Be Without Health Insurance

You’d think the last place anyone would talk about health insurance would be in a coffee shop. Think again. Coffee shops are virtual hotbeds of political commentary among those most affected by the coming changes to health care in 2014.

Many of the people you’ll find in coffee shops think they don’t need health insurance in any form. They are healthy; they don’t go to the doctor much at all. And, they don’t have the money to, anyway. They are not employed, but looking. They believe they can do just fine without health insurance. But what if, on leaving the shop, one of the regulars steps out into the path of an oncoming vehicle? He was texting while walking. Three days and one surgery later, he is sent home with crutches, painkillers and a referral to physiotherapy.

Three days after that, his bill from the hospital arrives. The amount owed is just shy of $10,000. But he had no health insurance and no way to pay the bill. That’s something to think about if you believe you can live without health insurance.

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