The trick to getting low cost health insurance plans

People think there must be some kind of trick to getting reasonably-priced health insurance plans. But self-health care is the trick.

Finding low-cost health insurance plans is not as difficult as you might think. There are a few things to keep in mind which will ultimately mean you will be saving on the cost of a health insurance policy.

Take care of your health. The bottom line is that if you do not take care of yourself, no one else will. Poor self-health care puts you at a higher risk of developing medical issues. Get regular check-ups, eat properly, work out, do not smoke, stay active and strive to be and stay fit.

Wellness campaigns sound like a broken record when it comes to the “fitness” tip, but if more people actually did keep fit, they would be paying less in health insurance premiums.

If your employer has a health insurance program, this is usually the least expensive option for you. However, being unemployed or self-employed is not a barrier to obtaining reasonably priced health insurance. There are a number of options open to you. For instance, you can buy coverage through an organization such as a professional group or even a credit union. Group package policies save you money for the simple reason that the cost per-policy is spread out over the whole group. Or, buy your own family or individual plan.

Even though there is a higher price tag for individual and family plans, you can still get the price dropped by paying more for a deductible and increasing your co-pay amount. You may also want to check into Health Maintenance Organizations and/or Preferred Provider Organizations. They usually have lower prices on health insurance policies compared to conventional health insurance plans.

Consider obtaining a major medical plan that covers hospital charges, but does not pick up claims for drugs or visits to the doctor. And, above all else, compare, contrast and calculate the price differentials for every policy you consider. You can find something that suits you.

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