Resin flooring, a new player in home beautification

Resin flooring is a good choice for those who want a durable, yet good looking floor upgrade.

Resin flooring is not made of that sticky stuff which comes out of trees. Resin flooring is a relatively new player in the home flooring upgrade arena, and perfect for someone who wants a different look in their office. It has the quiet ability to add a little something special to any room it is installed in. It’s an interesting alternative to the usual upgrade choices of marble, tiling, ceramic tile, carpet and various wood flooring options.

New does not always mean better, or even that people will agree it is a choice worth considering. However, with resin flooring, it is slowly coming into its own and making a name for itself. One thing is for sure, it is not boring flooring. It is robust, durable, interesting and does the job in any location in which it is placed. While those characteristics may sound bland, they are anything but. Resin can be functional in even the most elegant of locations and settings; that is part of its enormous consumer appeal.

What are its benefits, besides beauty? Did you know resin floors are stronger than concrete? Concrete, especially in locations where there is high, heavy traffic, crumbles and breaks. Not so with resin. It holds up to anything put on it, whether it is a heavy stainless steel fridge, or a tractor, or a classical sculpture of a bronze mountain lion, or a washing machine. “Versatility” is the keyword when it comes to resin flooring.

Contrary to popular opinion, this type of flooring is not dull. It has a nice shine that catches the eye and stays appealing over the years. Yes, you do pay more for this kind of flooring. However, since it is a one-time upgrade, because it will almost outlast your house, it is worth the investment, plus it may well increase the sale price of your home. Another bonus!

If you’re thinking resin is dark and dreary, not so. You can get any color you like, including yellow, blue and red. If you have a retro or pop culture-like kitchen, you’ll love resin flooring. This kind of flooring is not ranked well for a D-I-Y project; you’ll want to call a professional flooring contractor on this one. After all, you want it to look good. Don’t take the chance on tackling a project like this on your own.