Polk Sheriff arrests men in Saddle Creek Park for lewd solicitation.

The Polk County Sheriff’s Officer arrested five (5) men for solicitation for a lewd act at Saddle Creek Park yesterday.  This was another lewd/prostitution sting.  These men will likely be charged with solicitation for prostitution which carries a $5,000.00 “civil penalty” if the person charged pleads to the lewd act or is found guilty.

I have been fighting the “civil penalty’ since the beginning of the year.  I am challenging the fine on various constitutional issues and protections that all citizens enjoy under the Florida and U.S. Constitution.  So far, all the Polk County judges have denied the motions.  There is one final challenge to the outrageous solicitation penalty set for November.

If the solicitation for a lewd act charge is amended to a different crime, the penalty would not apply.  A defendant needs a Polk criminal attorney to negotiate and fight for such a reduction.  The crime of solicitation of a lewd act or prostitution is a sealable offense, call for a free consultation tos ee if you are eligible to seal your prostitution arrest.

If you have been arrested in Polk County, retain an experienced criminal defense lawyer that will fight for you and your rights!


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