Immigration Reform Loses Out To Bugging Phones Revelation

First it was August for the immigration reform bill and then September. And now?

If it weren’t for major embarrassing political distractions, immigration reform may have seen the light of day. As it is, it took yet another number to stand in line behind all the other issues faced by Washington, such as the secret government surveillance programs. Something with a broad political impact such as that bunted just about every other issue to the backburner. But it should still be noted that the collection of phone records on a daily basis will not cease. The government will forge ahead, ostensibly to keep Americans safe at home.

The same could be said about stalling on the floor of the House when it comes the immigration reform bill. It is, or it isn’t, or it may be, or may not be. No one, not even a bookie with good odds is able to determine when immigration reform will be signed into law. It first has to be resuscitated after sinking on the floor of the House while Republicans kept bashing it back into anonymity, and creating obfuscation after obfuscation to delay or divert it.

The reality of politics and our daily lives is that something wicked this way comes from time to time and upsets even the most careful laid plans. Obama has been saying since what seems like forever, that he is confident the bill the Gang of Eight authored is to hit his desk soon. However, no one seems to be able to define how soon is soon.

Gone into the wind is the budget bargain he hoped to wrangle, gun control was defeated and now, once again, immigration reform is on stall —- this largely due to political infighting than external fiascos. However, when volatile external forces are mixed with equally volatile political feuds, the result is generally mass confusion and the delay or death of a much hoped for bill.

Temporary or permanent distractions that keep the President busy putting out fires only serves to push the immigration reform bill away from its much anticipated passage. Precisely what the Republicans want, not what immigrants want. What the nation needs, not what the nation is getting.

When will the diversions and delays end, and the immigration reform bill finally get the attention it needs, and is long overdue to receive? If anyone is taking bets, they may be holding them for a long time.