If you have money to protect your home, why not protect your life, too?

You protect your home because it is where you live and without it you would be living on the streets. You insure your home, take care of it, maintain it and treat it with respect. And yet, your body is a home — the place where you live and without it being in good shape, your life does not go the way you want it to. If you don’t take care of the body, maintain it and treat it with respect, you have nothing to fall back on if you need medical care.

Treating your body with respect is staying fit, eating as well as you can, having health insurance in place and having preventive health care checkups on a regular basis. You don’t indulge in destructive habits. You realize the value of having health insurance and know that if you did not have it and you needed medical care, even for a serious chest infection, you would not be able to pay the bills without help.

Health insurance is worth every penny, and then some, because it’s your life and it is important to everyone you love.

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