Affordable health insurance quotes do exist for self-employed entrepreneurs

Being self-employed does not mean you cannot get health insurance. That is a myth.

Being self-employed will not bar you from getting affordable health insurance. Being self-employed only means you do not get health insurance benefits through a big company, because you work for yourself.
You just need to take some time to shop around and find what you need. Yes, the premium prices may be a bit higher than what you would pay through a company, but do not let that discourage you from pursuing health care coverage. You know that without health insurance, you are at risk of becoming financially devastated should you need medical care and not have coverage.

To find affordable health insurance quotes, begin by looking online. While you may have heard this too many times to count, it truly is the best place to start, because you get the chance to compare quotes side-by-side. The first thing you should look for is higher deductibles. These types of insurance policies are often called “major” or “drastic” medical plans, and generally have very low premiums.

If you spend a great deal of time in the doctor’s office due to a chronic illness, you might want to think about buying a full-coverage insurance plan. Although these policies do tend to be higher-priced than major medical plans, there are many insurance companies offering inexpensive rates. Now is a prime time to buy affordable health insurance, because the competition is brisk.

Another tactic that works well for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to obtain affordable health insurance is to form a small group with other self-employed people who need insurance. You may be able to find friends, relatives, or business partners who are in the same situation. If you apply as a group for health insurance, your overall cost is lower.

Additionally, if you pay your premium in one lump sum, right up front, it brings your costs down, as insurance companies allow big discounts when you pay your yearly premium right away.

It takes determination and time to find affordable health insurance quotes, but don’t be discouraged. They are out there. 

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