Know what your health insurance policy says to avoid scams

Read your health insurance policy lately? Bet the answer to that is no, and you would not be alone. Many Americans that do have health insurance do not read the contents of their health insurance policy. They simply rely on what they were told when they bought it. Fair enough and although no agent would deliberately try and scam a customer, customers don’t always ask the right questions to trigger a response that would educate them about what they just bought. They just assume all is well.

This scenario is more applicable to seniors, but also applies to younger people who don’t take the time to check out what their policy does and does not cover. They just pay the premiums and complain they are too high. If they are offered a lower premium rate for what seems to be the same type of insurance, some will take it, based on price alone. That is a major mistake. Dirt cheap insurance is dirt cheap for a reason. Know your insurance policy to avoid scams.

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