Handscraped flooring is hot for home upgrades

If you’ve never heard of “handscraped” flooring, check it out. It may be just what you need to upgrade your flooring.

It’s a no-brainer that hardwood floors, or hardwood lookalikes, sell houses. Hands down, people love the look of hardwood and this type of flooring is one of the better investments you could make to increase the resale value of your home. Would you be surprised to find out that hardwood may even add up to 6 percent to the value of your sale price? Worth considering, right?

If you already have wood flooring in your home, that is half the battle. Keep those floors in tiptop shape and you likely have a quick sale on your hands. If you do not have wood floors, maybe it’s time to dust off the budget, take a good, hard look at your existing floors, decide which rooms need to be done and start some serious shopping. You do not need to put hardwood floors in every room, unless that is something you want to do and can afford it.

Many people simply start with hardwood floor upgrades their bedroom, but you may wish to begin in the kitchen or living room. If you have carpeting right now, you need to decide if you want to keep it or take it out. If you replace the old carpet with new carpet, stick to neutral colors if your goal is to sell your home. If you want hardwood flooring to capture the eye of a potential buyer, then spend time looking for the right kind of hardwood that suits your style and is simpatico with where you live. For instance, if you live in Florida, you might want to gravitate to tiling in the main living areas.

If you prefer hardwood, then check out the latest trending flooring, handscaped hardwood. Handscaped hardwood excites buyers with the country charm it lends a room and the aura of authenticity it brings. Some call it “vintage planking;” wait until you see how many different finishes and breathtaking woods are available to choose from. And the bonus? Handscaped hardwood blends well with every other kind of flooring on the market.

Do you prefer the wooden planks narrow, or wide? These days, wider planks are leading in the popularity polls, because that is they way they used to be when older factories and warehouses were turned into stores and living spaces. This type of flooring is a nod to history, but it works very well with today’s more modern interiors.