Green flooring is important in today’s world

The preservation of dwindling world resources, especially trees, is a major concern for homeowners today. Thinking “green” can help save the environment.

While it may be time to do something to upgrade the older, and perhaps unattractive, flooring in your home, today’s homeowners are far more environmentally conscious than ever before. It is imperative for an eco-focused consumer to choose flooring products which are sustainable.

Thankfully, designers, architects, interior decorators and home builders have been working on practical ways to work with sustainable materials, things that are environmentally friendly, both now and in the future. What does “sustainable” mean and why should you care?

Sustainable materials are those which carefully and consciously maintain balance in all of our natural resources, whether it is water or wood. If we do not have balance or maintain a necessary balance, it has an enormous affect on our lives. We must be willing to work with products that can replace themselves. This is vitally important with virtually everything we use today.

What are the choices in terms of flooring for those who want to go green and are serious about it? You can upgrade your flooring with sustainable options, materials that are easy-to-find and a snap to install. For instance, bamboo flooring is a good sustainable choice. Bamboo is water-resistant, hard as nails and has an innate anti-bacterial agent. If you want to install it like hardwood flooring, you can, or you can cut it into smaller planks during installation.

This next sustainable recommendation may raise some eyebrows: recycled leather. Where does recycled leather come from? The leather used to make car seats. The seats are ground up, and the resulting mixture is glued, using natural glue and fillers. The end result is tiles that you can install in any room. They look natural and are richly textured.

If your goal is to have aesthetically-pleasing and environmentally-sustainable flooring, think outside of the box and find out what other interesting options you could apply to your floors to make them look unique, yet classic.