Do you know what is in your health insurance policy?

The last thing people read is their insurance policy, whether it is for their house, car or their health insurance. The papers are shoved into a desk drawer, only to be taken out when someone needs to make a claim. Even then, the policyholder only skims the stuff they more or less understand, hoping the insurance agent will help them.

They call the agent, explain what they were put into hospital for, explain the surgery, medications, rehabilitation and so on. They then get the shock of their life when they find out that their health insurance policy does not cover them for the kind of surgery they had. They thought it did. They did not read the policy to find out if there were any exclusions. Now what?

Far too often, people opt to buy cheap health insurance, which is fine for the budget, but they also do not take a close look at what is covered and what is not. That is where the surprise is later, when they go to submit a claim and it is declined. Always know what the policy says, because your financial health counts on it.

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