What Health Care Actually Costs

Do you know what you actually spend on health care costs? Most people don’t and when they find out, they are suitably shocked. It might teach you something about not running to the doctor for every ache and pain and runny nose. Simply put, we have to be more prudent using the health care system.

What if you have three kids and they all get hit with a virus of some sort? Off you go to the doctor and shell out the really low co-pay amount. You don’t really know how much that visit actually cost. What if you found out that it was at least $150 for the doctor to see each child and say, “It’s a virus that has to run its course. Drink lots of fluids, sleep lots and come back in a week.”
You just spent $450 for something you could have taken care of at home. The health care system is there for serious illnesses, not colds and runny noses.

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