Tile can make you smile with tasteful choices for your home

Summer often brings out the creative side of homeowners who want to upgrade their tired old tiles.

Even when the urge to get really creative with flooring and tiling choices may be strong, it is best to picture what your choices may look like down the road, or to someone who was interested in buying your home. Red, black and yellow tiling may be a powerful conversation starter when people use your bathroom, but not everyone wants that kind of ambiance. Plus, even though you may like the colors when you buy and install them, you may not like them so much a few years later when color trends and tastes change.

While there is nothing wrong with red in a bathroom, or any room for that matter, you may want to use it carefully, more as an accent than a predominant color. Bold and exciting might be the order of the day, but remember, you have to live with it long-term, unless you plan to rip out the tiles in a few years and do it over.

Limiting what you do in terms of too much color is not as great a disadvantage as it may seem. This is because you have other choices to complement what you want to achieve for an overall look and feeling. For instance, consider glass mosaic tiles or even pebble tiles for that “something different” kind of look. If you tile you walls in a memorable and unique way, it will stand the test of time, even if you have standard flooring, provided it does not need to be upgraded as well.

Another different approach is to use complementary inlay tiles on the wall or floor. Inlays can do wonders for a room and act to give it a unique focal point. You may use an inlay to highlight a feature in the room, sharpen up the edges of the tiling around the room or showcase a stunning feature in your bathroom or kitchen. It’s all up to you what you choose.

Consider mixing various tile mediums for another different look. An example would be using natural stone with pebble tiles or using odd-size mosaic tiles to create a work of art on the floor or wall. It’s exciting when you get right down to the final choices you have before your begin your project. If you aren’t sure what to choose, how durable a choice may be or what would suit your lifestyle, drop in to your local Tampa flooring contractor and take a look at the various jobs they have done. You will know instantly what would work in your home.

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