Seniors must be considered when it comes to changes in health insurance

America’s seniors earned their place in the sun and the last thing they need is to find out that their health insurance coverage is going to be either reduced or perhaps taken away. What may even be worse is that they find out they may lost some of the benefits they need. They usually don’t have any more money to make up any holes in their coverage and often sacrifice eating to buy medications. They may even not buy medications they need, and only take what they can afford.

Is it any wonder that if some scam artist came along and offered them health insurance at a steal of a deal price that they would jump on it? No surprise there. However, if it is a scam, and most cheap insurance that is too good to be true IS a scam, it may actually turn out that the senior has NO health insurance, just empty promises. Part of the issue in dealing with seniors and their health insurance is that the system is so confusing and changing so much it is hard to keep up. This allows fraud artists to take advantage of seniors. How about simplifying things for our seniors? Is that too much to ask?

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