Month: August 2013

Health Care System Over-Taxed and Failing

Unfortunately, the resources of our health care system are very limited in many ways. This isn’t a great surprise given how many people use it, sometime daily. The costs are still escalating, even as you read this and it isn’t

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Fired Costco Worker Claims Age Discrimination

A former manager of a Costco meat department has filed a lawsuit claiming that the company fired him because of his age. Lawrence G. Wojcik filed the lawsuit against Costco Wholesale Corp. June 18 in United States District Court, Eastern

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Long-Term Care Costs More Than Expected

According to a new survey released by Harris Interactive for Nationwide Financial Services, people are significantly underestimating the costs associated with long-term care. The people who were surveyed were “Baby Boomers,” a demographic defined by the post–World War II “baby

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Mellino Robenalt Grand Opening

Mellino Robenalt LLC will celebrate the grand opening of its office at 19704 Center Ridge Road in Rocky River with open house festivities from 4 to 7 p.m. on Thursday, September 5, 2013. Founders Chris Mellino and Tom Robenalt invite

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Health care system is still failing the vast majority of Americans

Health care system is still failing the vast majority of Americans: The resources of our health care system are limited in many ways. This isn’t a great surprise, given how many p…

India Dramatically Affected By U.S. Immigration Visa Policy

According to a recent article in Knowledge Wharton Today, the software industry in India is not pleased by the recently drafted U.S. immigration bill. Though the overwhelming focus has been on how to deal with the undocumented immigrants currently in

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Seven Injured in Tampa Bus Crash

The average commuter probably takes it for granted that a trip on a city bus is not dangerous. Buses are safe, highly visible, and heavy vehicles. Traffic laws have special protections for buses. And drivers are (hopefully) well-trained. But for

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Effexor Linked to Birth Injuries and Cyclist Pleads Guilty in Manslaughter Case – Podcast

This month, we talk about the drug, Effexor, getting linked to birth injuries. Plus, we review a case in California about a cyclist who pleaded guilty a manslaughter case after hitting a pedestrian.

Majority of Americans Don’t Want to Live to 120, Pew Study Reveals

The U.S. population is aging rapidly as a result of falling birthrates and rising life expectancies. According to the U.S. Census Bureau projections, by 2050, one-in-five Americans will be 65 or older, and at least 400,000 will be 100 or

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Worker Claims He Was Fired After Applying for Workers’ Compensation Benefits

A lawsuit has been filed alleging that a worker was fired after applying for workers’ compensation benefits. Roger Johnson filed suit June 11 in St. Clair County Circuit Court, claiming that he was wrongly discharged. The plaintiff alleges that he

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